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Since its inception in 1727, the court of Jaipur with its every reign, has taken on challenges of new growth and development. Adopting new mindsets and modern technologies has meant that the courtly culture of Jaipur has been at the forefront of innovations. But it has done so with careful negotiations with its age old traditions, making each change albeit radical appear seamlessly aligned with its past. How were these changes situated within an orthodox Hindu court, how were they represented and explained? What this shows is that it is possible to carry the past into the future not in a fossilised way but as a way to root modernising forces propelling the culture into the future.

Dr Vibhuti Sachdev PhD

Dr Vibhuti Sachdev is Dean at SSAA, Sushant University. She qualified as architect in 1989 from SPA, Delhi, completed her PhD in 1996 from University of London, and has worked as a conservation consultant, writer and designer. She has taught at the University of Sussex, and written four books and several articles on the subjects of Jaipur, traditional knowledge systems, Indian cities and Indian modernities. She has worked and written extensively on the city of Jaipur, focusing on its planning, architecture and craft traditions. Since publishing these books, Dr Sachdev has been a consultant on the restoration of the Jal Mahal in Jaipur, was the design curator for the artwork of its pavilions and the co-curator of the exhibition ‘Painted Pleasures’. Her latest book is on the Festivals at the Jaipur Court.

At Sushant University, she has introduced new programmes, various reforms and innovations in teaching and learning systems at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. Several outreach programmes that forged new relationships with urban authorities and community are bearing fruit and continue to strengthen the brand of the schools and the university. She is currently working on devising an integrated approach to learning and developing a research ecosystem for the school.

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