St John’s, Antigua: Research Studio

Government House, Antigua. 

The Commonwealth Heritage Forum has established a heritage skills training opportunity at St John’s, Antigua, as part of the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Commonwealth Heritage Skills (CHS) Training Programme. The trainees on this programme will design a conservation management plan for St John’s historic core.

The CHS Training Programme will offer 12 Commonwealth Traineeships to fund the attendance of Caribbean-based participants. The training will take place over three weeks in May 2023, broken down into three modules, one per-week, and preference will be given to applicants who can attend for two or more modules. Trainees will work alongside Dr Brent Fortenberry, Director of Historic Preservation and the Christovich Associate Professor of Historic Preservation at Tulane University, New Orleans.

Trainees will develop skills in digital technologies, including the use of drones, LiDAR, and 3D scanning, to document the existing architectural heritage of St John’s, from Government House to the cruise port area. Alongside this, trainees will work closely with Caribbean-based architects working in conservation and heritage. This approach will allow trainees to produce a holistic and practical plan to aid in the restoration of St John’s historic core.



Sarah Neville, Consultant Project Development Coordinator at the Commonwealth Heritage Forum and Dr Brent Fortenberry, Associate Professor of Historic Preservation at Tulane University on ABS Television and Radio, Antigua and Barbuda Today, March 29 2023. Sarah and Brent were interviewed to outline the details and plans for the Antigua Research Studio. You can watch the interview in full to find out more about this exciting training opportunity, including further details on who should apply and the key aims and objectives. Full interview (starts c. 1:17).

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