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“Character” comprises a number of different elements that combine to create the overall significance and value of a building or place.  This webinar will address character in the built environment, considering what contributes to character and how it might be assessed.  Developing understanding of what is special about a place will help decision makers, planners, conservation professionals and communities make well-informed decisions about the future of their areas through understanding the impacts that change can have, and by accommodating change whilst sustaining the buildings and spaces that create heritage and make places special.

Karin Taylor is a Geographer, Town Planner and Landscape Architect specialising in landscape and heritage, and is the former Head of Planning of the National Trust for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In addition to her role with the National Trust, she worked with other organisations in order to influence national policies in relation to planning, landscape and heritage, and was appointed to various Government Working Groups. She is also a tutor on the University of Oxford’s ‘Settings of Heritage Assets’ course.

Prior to leaving the National Trust at the end of February 2020, Karin spent two months on secondment with the National Trust of Fiji to assist with planning and heritage issues. Since returning to the UK she has carried out consultancy work for the Jersey Government and works with the National Trust for Jersey on planning matters. Karin continues to pursue her interests in international planning and heritage, particularly through the International National Trusts Organisation, the Commonwealth Association of Planners and the Commonwealth Heritage Forum, and maintains her involvement with the National Trust of Fiji – albeit at a distance.

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